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Reshaping the way your health data is accessed and paid for.
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Introducing Hitrust

The HIT Platform is a blockchain-based infrastructure to support consensual sharing of health information between you and trustworthy organizations that give you a fair reward for using your data. You don't need to be a patient to participate in the HIT Platform because data from healthy people is of equal interest when it comes to health!

Your Health

For you and your family nothing is as valuable as your health. Hitrust gives you access to an ecosystem of medical researchers, healthcare providers and services that cares about your health.

Your Data

Data are essential to personalize healthcare and treatments for you! It is the driver of a modern healthcare system and medical research. Control the access to your data and don’t let others decide how your data is being used.

Your Reward

By sharing health-related data you can profit from the access to an ecosystem that cares about your health, and receive a fair reward as well as compensation for your data. In return you can use that reward to pay for health services.

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What others say about us

Paweł Sobotkowski

"Medicine is often overshadowed by the much bigger finance and fintech sector. However, many projects such as HIT Foundation are implementing blockchain in healthcare and resolving complex problems that impact wider society."