HIT Foundation

The HIT Foundation is a foundation established under the laws of Switzerland andregistered in the commercial register of the state of Zug; its legal domicile is in Zug. Itcontemplates a corporate reorganization that may include the creation of one of severalother independent or affiliated operational, legal entities.

The organizational form of a foundation has strong credibility in dealing with health dataand being a patients’ advocate. It aims to create value for the people instead of maximizingindividuals’ profit.

The HIT Foundation’s responsibilities are:

  • Funding and supporting the HIT infrastructure
  • Token creation and distribution
  • Enable token exchange
  • Governance and mediation body
  • Allocate transaction fee to asset token holders

Another purpose of the HIT Foundation, at a global scale, will be the facilitation, promotion,and support of applications running on the open HIT-system. Governance and standards ofthe HIT Foundation are documented in the bylaws.

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Key Milestones

Q4/2017 - HIT Foundation incorporated in Zug, Switzerland

Q2/2018 - Tokens approved by Swiss Financial Market Authority

Q4/2018 - Android App

Q2/2019 - iOS App

Q4/2019 - 10‘000 users

Q4/2019 - Integration Medical Subject Headings, ORPHAcode, health records

Q4/2019 - Launch Pilot with National Lung Hospital Vietnam

Q2/2020 - Integration Symptom-to-disease AI system

Q3/2020 - Launch of HIT Masternode network

2023 - 5 Million users globally

Key HIT Facts


Pilot Projects





300 000

HIT Token Rewarded

Three reasons why you should join the HIT Community

Benefit Network

Earn tokens with health-related information, e.g. by participating in research or by granting access to existing data records

Opportunity Network

Spend tokens you have earned for services like second opinions or get rebates in the healthcare system

Patient Network

Be part of the community and connect peer-to-peer with suffering from the same health problems like you